5 Reasons That Make Netflix the Best Streaming Service

Video streaming is a part of daily life today and Netflix is probably the best streaming app with its ease of use, lack of advertising and great choice of content. It includes many familiar shows and more original series, documentaries and specials than its competitors.

Many of the shows it offers have won awards and it won 44 Emmy awards this year. You can watch Netflix on just about any device, which makes it extremely convenient to watch. Here are some other reasons why it is the best streaming service.

1.UI experience

On the Netflix home page, users can see recommendations and genres. Side-scrolling thumbnails introduce many different titles. The visual elements are excellent and the UI is smooth in comparison to other streaming apps. Search is very quick and responsive. Even when you’re new to Netflix, it’s user-friendly. You can see popular picks, continue watching and various other categories based on what you have watched before.

When you experience the Netflix error code HTP-988, it is usually accompanied by a message that Netflix is having trouble accessing titles for you and you should try again later. It typically happens due to network connectivity issues. Errorwise offers solutions for fixing Netflix error HTP-988 and many other errors.

2. Simultaneous streaming

Simultaneous streaming is possible when using Netflix. You can have up to four different devices registered to one account to watch series and movies simultaneously. Netflix monitors all the registered devices under your account and you can check the list when you sign in.

Verifying which devices are connected and removing or replacing them with newer devices is possible on your accounts page. The fact that you can create different user profiles means that, in theory, you could share among friends to lower the price.

3. Kid-friendliness

Netflix is making it easier for parents to control what their kids watch with kids-only profiles and profile locks. It announced that it would be sending parents emails in the future that show them what their kids are watching and give them advice about parental controls.

A toggle feature in profile management opens up a kid-friendly interface when checked that gives kids suggestions for shows and movies suitable for them. Other streaming services may offer the option of locking specific series or movies but it is still easy for kids to navigate to adult content.

4.Network check feature

Netflix has a network check in the app so you can check your internet connection when you have streaming issues. A slower connection causes buffering and this may be due to the internet provider you use. The network check can give you a clear indication of where the problem lies – either in the app or in your internet connection.

Netflix recommends a three Mbps connection for a single standard quality stream and a five Mbps connection for a high-definition stream. An internet plan with download speeds of at least 25Mbps and an unlimited data cap will help to give you a good viewing experience and avoid buffering for the most part

5.Smart downloads

Smart downloads help with storage capacity management. Once your device is connected to Wi-Fi, it deletes the episode you have viewed already and downloads the next episode.

On Android, this feature is called Download Next Episode. If the episode you last watched is the last one in a season, it won’t be deleted. This feature offers an extra level of convenience for users in addition to the Downloads for You feature that automatically downloads shows for you based on your preferences.

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