Ideas to Make Money by Selling Digital Art

Back in the day, when art was only practiced in the physical realm, painters and artists had a tough time. Vincent van Gogh never sold any paintings while he was alive. After his death, his paintings became some of the most valued pieces of art in the world.

Technology has changed the art landscape and digital art is thriving. Everyone wants visual aids for everything and digital artists who have the skill can make a pile of money. Here is how.

Turn to social media

Social media is the digital artist’s greatest ally. It allows the artists to connect to a global audience and sell their art to the world. There is no need to climb the ranks, according to some revered critic. The only criteria are having a growing fanbase and active follower pool. That said, if you do not have that many fans, it should be your first area of focus.

This will require some initial marketing from your side and getting the word out via your friends and family. Instagram is a popular platform for many artists and the way to go about growing your fanbase organically is by posting some high-quality content.

Whether you take photos of your physical work or post-digital creations, you cannot skimp on the quality. The more the people follow you, the more your revenue pool grows. Online betting sports, cryptocurrency, gaming, NFTs and other niches use this idea very well to grow their fanbase and engage them consistently.

Selling your skills

Digital art takes many forms and it could even become a teaching vocation. Although you will not necessarily be selling digital art per se, you will be selling your skill in the form of teaching digital arts. There are several platforms where you can curate courses for novice digital artists. There are thousands of people who would love to improve their artistic skills and for those who cannot wield a paintbrush with dexterity, their digital skills and eye for design might be outstanding. Programs like

Photoshop is super complex and if you know your way around them, you could make some serious cash. You could also end up selling some of your art in the form of tutorials and have other people replicate what you did in the name of improving your skills.

Turn to merch

People across the globe are looking for authentic artistic material to print on their merchandise. If you want to get your name and art out there, you could sell your designs to be printed on tangible products.

Using dropshipping services will take the technical process of printing the designs out of your hands. All you need to do is provide the art and the drop shipping company will do the rest. The products that your designs can be printed on are endless and before you know it, you could be designing art for your label.

Writing an art blog

Blogging is not a new marketing idea. It is an effective tool even today – if you do it right, though. With your blog, you could impart some of your knowledge and wisdom and start to build a fanbase. You could blog about anything from painting techniques to editing photos. Add a subscription service to your blog and you have a steady stream of revenue that will come in.

The better the quality of your blog and posts, the more opportunity you will have to sell your designs from your blog. However, getting people to buy your products is not the only way to make money from blogs. You could become an affiliate marketer and also earn money from paid adverts on your blog.

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