How Health Tech is Evolving and What it Means for Job Seekers

Emerging technologies and data-driven tools, such as AI, robotics, applications, wearables etc., are changing the way care is delivered to patients. This is also bringing about a shift in the skills required for health tech jobs of the future. Acquiring the right talent can be a very competitive exercise and job seekers with the right skills are in high demand.

High demand for talent with the right skills

It can be challenging to find talent with the right skills for certain positions today. Recruiter studies show that about 20% of the roles they are currently looking to fill are for roles with which they are not familiar and it takes longer to fill them. Professionals like data scientists, analysts and specialists who can get meaningful insights from data to inform new strategies will be in high demand.

RNs who want to keep pace with new technological trends and improve their future career prospects need skills in using current technology as it plays a significant role in their day-to-day work. RN to MSN online is useful for nurses and they can choose from a variety of innovative online master’s degrees at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

Upskilling/reskilling in emerging technologies

Many people are likely to be working in jobs with significantly altered skill sets in the near future. Those who don’t upskill could become irrelevant.

Online learning has become increasingly popular as a way to upskill and both employers and employees are investing more in online training to meet future needs due to its convenience and effectiveness. A skilled and relevant workforce is essential to handle the continued evolution in health care.

Employers want flexible and adaptable candidates

Employees who are unwilling to change or learn new skills will be less employable in the future. With the advances in AI and machine learning, many repetitive jobs are being automated. Health care professionals need to embrace automation as it gives them the time they need to offer a higher level of patient care.

To meet the demands of constant technological advances, employers want job candidates who are resilient and willing to adapt to the ever-changing technological requirements. They need to be flexible enough to keep learning and not be afraid to navigate uncharted waters. Many health tech companies are hiring recent graduates so they can coach their hires and skill them as per their needs.

The health tech workplace is becoming more diverse and inclusive

In health tech, diversity initiatives are taking place and the workplace is becoming more inclusive. This is promoting more creativity and innovation within organizations.

Recruiters are using flexible work timing, work-from-home opportunities, and return to work programs to bring skilled professionals such as skilled veterans and talented women back into the workplace. More opportunities and benefits are available for diverse job seekers who already have or are prepared to acquire in-demand skills.

The rise in telemedicine

Telemedicine means that not every patient has to go to a physician or an emergency room. A video consultation is an appropriate alternative and this became a necessity in the early days of pandemic restrictions when patients with chronic health issues had to stay away from hospitals.

Many communities lack the means to travel to a healthcare provider, are unable to travel, or don’t have enough physicians. The adoption of telemedicine is increasing and it has the potential to expand patient access to care.

Nurses can improve patient outcomes if they understand the benefits of telemedicine, who can gain from such services and how to deliver them.

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