How Health Tech is Evolving and What it Means for Job Seekers

Emerging technologies and data-driven tools, such as AI, robotics, applications, wearables etc., are changing the way care is delivered to patients. This is also bringing about a shift in the skills required for health tech jobs of the future. Acquiring the right talent can be a very competitive exercise and job seekers with the right…

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Why Direct Mails Still Matter a Lot for Local Businesses?

Mailing customers directly was the primary way of contacting potential clients for ages keeping local businesses afloat. Surprisingly, direct mails still help local businesses connect with their clients even today amidst all other online and offline marketing options. Direct mails help local companies establish a unique rapport with customers that no email or common ad…

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Ideas to Make Money by Selling Digital Art

Back in the day, when art was only practiced in the physical realm, painters and artists had a tough time. Vincent van Gogh never sold any paintings while he was alive. After his death, his paintings became some of the most valued pieces of art in the world. Technology has changed the art landscape and…

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The Checklist for Preparing Your Home for the Perfect 2022

When in the middle of the holiday season, homeowners begin to prepare their homes for the new year. Apart from the regular preparations around the new year, you must also get your house ready to make it a place that you would want to live in happily and comfortably. The heating systems might get overworked…

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Making a Solid Strategy for Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the greatest challenge for growing businesses as there is a very high demand for employees worldwide. There is a massive gap in the trained workforce from normal warehouses stocking goods to high-end management companies that want to market their products and services and the use of a small billboard for your conference…

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The Trends That Will Reshape the Manufacturing Industry in 2022

The last two years have shaken the manufacturing industry. What used to be an industry that trudged on like an unstoppable machine had turned into a fragile industry that could derail at any time. Thankfully, people are resilient and have already started to develop ways to make the manufacturing industry more resilient and capable of…

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5 Reasons That Make Netflix the Best Streaming Service

Video streaming is a part of daily life today and Netflix is probably the best streaming app with its ease of use, lack of advertising and great choice of content. It includes many familiar shows and more original series, documentaries and specials than its competitors. Many of the shows it offers have won awards and…

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Role of Intelligent Contract Management Technology in Your Organization’s Success

An intelligent contract management technology helps transform the contract processes not limited to data and other related documents into dynamic building blocks for improved contract oversight. The technology involved allows for the proactive identification of available opportunities in the market. It also aids in risk mitigation. Managing contracts without intelligent contract management technology are tricky…

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The Benefits of Headsets in the Workplace

Communication is one of the most important aspects of doing business and today many employees spend a large portion of the day on a phone. Many offices now use wired or wireless headsets for calls rather than traditional phone handsets. Studies show that using them can improve productivity by up to about 40 percent. Apart…

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From the Design Desk: Finding the Right Fonts

It’s no secret how much I love fonts, especially well-designed script and hand-drawn fonts. I will find excuses to use them in our own internal branding as often as I am able. When it comes to trying to find the right font for our customers, I am like the Goldilocks of font choices. “This one’s…

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About Alphagraphics Michiana

Our two Michiana area locations allow AlphaGraphics to be diverse in the products and services offered to our clients. We invite you to partner with AlphaGraphics for all your visual communications needs. We have the capabilities to do both large format and small print jobs. With three large format color printers, lamination equipment, die-cutting equipment, a digital cutting plotter, digital color and black and white machines– production of anything from vehicle wraps and graphics to oversized posters and banners to trade show displays is possible in-house. We also have four digital presses that feature everything from basic black and white printing all the way to full color plus clear coating printing, allowing us to create print products that make your brand stand out.


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