Why Direct Mails Still Matter a Lot for Local Businesses?

Mailing customers directly was the primary way of contacting potential clients for ages keeping local businesses afloat. Surprisingly, direct mails still help local businesses connect with their clients even today amidst all other online and offline marketing options. Direct mails help local companies establish a unique rapport with customers that no email or common ad…

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The Benefits of Headsets in the Workplace

Communication is one of the most important aspects of doing business and today many employees spend a large portion of the day on a phone. Many offices now use wired or wireless headsets for calls rather than traditional phone handsets. Studies show that using them can improve productivity by up to about 40 percent. Apart…

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Direct Mail: A dying form of communication?


Direct mail advertising was once a staple of marketing. It was a surefire way to make sure thousands of people see your message right in their hands. As the industry became saturated so did “junk mail” and people paid less attention to what was coming in the mail. But direct mail is making a come…

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Personalize Your Marketing Campaign with Variable Data

When the average person visits their mailbox generally they’re looking for a few specific things: bills, packages they’ve ordered, personal letters addressed to them and the like. What they’re not looking for are advertisements addressed to “current resident” or pieces of junk mail for “valued customer”—often, these items are given a quick glance and end…

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Building Reliable Brand Advocates

You’ve likely heard the maxim that if you send one customer out the door happy, they will tell two other people, who will tell two other people, and so on. This is the benefit of word of mouth advertising. If a client feels valued, they’ll go into the world with only good things to say…

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About Alphagraphics Michiana

Our two Michiana area locations allow AlphaGraphics to be diverse in the products and services offered to our clients. We invite you to partner with AlphaGraphics for all your visual communications needs. We have the capabilities to do both large format and small print jobs. With three large format color printers, lamination equipment, die-cutting equipment, a digital cutting plotter, digital color and black and white machines– production of anything from vehicle wraps and graphics to oversized posters and banners to trade show displays is possible in-house. We also have four digital presses that feature everything from basic black and white printing all the way to full color plus clear coating printing, allowing us to create print products that make your brand stand out.


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